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Self-Clinching Fasteners

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Why Buy from MF Supply?

MF Supply is a trusted supplier of self-clinching fasteners, including functional equivalents to PEM® and Captive®, to OEMs & Manufacturers.

A self-clinching fastener, also known as press-fit or clinch style captive fastener, is a part that when pressed into a drilled, punched or machined hole, provides an economical method of joining sheet metal panel applications and is well-suited for use in printed circuit boards. Self-clinching fasteners work by displacing the host material around the mounting hole, causing it to cold flow into a specially designed annular recess. Knurls, serrated rings or ribs on the fastener hold them firmly in place. Self-clinching fasteners become an integral permanent part of the panel or frame and eliminate problems associated with loose hardware. Installation requires access to both sides of the panel and self-clinching fasteners may be installed using any parallel acting squeezing force

We offer self-clinching nuts, self-clinching blind standoffs & self-clinch through hole standoffs, and self-clinching flush head studs & broaching-type studs in Stainless Steel, Steel Zinc, Steel Black Oxide, and more.

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