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Coiled Spring Pins
Coiled Spring Pins, also known as Spiral Pins or Coiled Pins, are headless, hollow pins with chamfered ends, made by shaping or wrapping a steel sheet into a slightly larger diameter than the standard size. Unlike the slotted pins variety, these pins are distinguished by their multiple walls.
Cotter Pins
Cotter pins, also known as Split Pins, are double bodied pins formed from half-round wire, a loop at one end of which provides a head. The finished part has one end of the wire extending beyond the other end, with a chiseled point. They're used to anchor various assemblies by inserting them into a drilled hole in the shaft or pin and spreading the points to hold the assembly in position. When used with castle or slotted nuts, it becomes a safety locking device.
Hair Pins / Hitch Pin Clips
Hitch Pin Clips, also known as Hair Pins, Bridge Pins or R-Clips, are double-bodied pins formed from round wires. These pins are formed in a way where one end is bent approximately 180° so that the two resulting sides meet or come close to meeting. The final pins have one side that remains straight, while the opposite side has one or more turns permanently formed into it.
Dowel Pins
Dowel Pins are solid headless straight pins with a closely controlled diameter. Applications include a wide variety of uses, such as plug gage, hinge, or shaft. Precise tolerances of dowel pins make them excellent for achieving proper alignment of parts in high-speed assemblies, or as roller bearings in bus/truck wheel housings.
Slotted Spring Pins
Sometimes referred to as Roll Pins, Expansion Pins, C-Pins or Tension Pins, Slotted Spring Pins are hollow, headless pins, slit longitudinally, having controlled lengths with chamfered ends, formed to a diameter somewhat greater than that of the hole into which they are to be assembled. They’re able to hold their position in an assembly by a predetermined spring tension. Spring pins are economical because they can simplify product design by replacing more expensive fasteners such as taper pins, set screws and straight pins. Stainless steel spring pins are commonly used in electronics and food industries.

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