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MF Supply is a trusted supplier of studs to OEMs & Manufacturers.

A standard Stud is a headless piece of steel rod that is externally threaded and is less than 12 inches long. Studs may be fully threaded, threaded on a single end or threaded on both ends (double end stud). Products over 12 inches are referred to as threaded rod. The IFI standards for studs include ASME B18.31.2-2014, ASME B18.31.3-2014 & ASTM A193.
B7 & A193 Studs have a higher tensile strength compared to threaded bolts. These studs are often used in applications that entail high tension for flange bolting with two nuts applied. Studs are often used with flanges, valves, pressure vessels, and fittings for high temperature and high pressure service. The most common materials for studs are low carbon steel, stainless steel and B7 alloy steel. Platings and finishes vary by application.

We offer Self-Clinching Studs, Continuous Thread Studs, Double End Studs & Single End Studs, ASME B18.31

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