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Self-Clinching Studs

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Why Buy from MF Supply?

MF Supply is a trusted supplier of self-clinching studs to OEMs & Manufacturers.

A Self-clinching stud is a fastener with a unified thread pitch, and a cylindrical, low profile head with small rectangular ribs protruding from the underside of the head. The top of the head is flat and is flush with the mating surface when installation is complete. Below the ribs and above the first thread is an annular groove which helps to hold the fastener in position.
Self-Clinching studs are precision fasteners and are not governed by ASME or IFI standards. They are intended for metal to metal applications and are well suited for use in printed circuit boards. The stud is inserted and installed by applying parallel squeezing force. A hex nut is twisted into the stud securing it from the back. As the nut is tightened, the ribbed stud head grips the front panel to secure the application from the font as well eliminating the need for welding. As the application force is applied part of the sheet cold flows into an undercut under the head making the fastener and integral part of the sheet. Self-clinching fasteners are commonly available in zinc plated carbon steel, 300 series stainless steel and various materials and plating. Note: In order for Self-clinching fasteners to work properly, the stud must be harder than the sheet into which it is being installed.

We offer flush head self-clinching studs and broaching-type studs.

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