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N95 Respirator Masks - NIOSH Approved

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Harley L-188 N95 Mask N95 Respirator Mask L-188 - NIOSH Approved
Price Each Mask: $2.50 / Quantity Discounts Available as low as $1.75
N95 NIOSH Respirator Mask - Guangzhou Harley L-288 N95 Respirator Mask L-288 - NIOSH Approved
Price Each Mask: $2.00 / Quantity Discounts Available as low as $1.50
Kimtech N95 53558 Pouch Respirator N95 Pouch Respirator Mask 53358 - NIOSH Approved USA
Price Each Mask: $2.00 / Quantity Discounts Available as low as $1.50

Looking for NIOSH respirator face masks appropriate for medical use?
We carry NIOSH approved N95 Respirator Masks Model L-188 and 8210.
Our N95 masks are sold in adult size only.

At MF Supply, we carry all of the personal protective equipment you need to keep your business safe. In today’s blog, we are discussing the different styles of N95 masks we have available.

N95 Face Mask Styles

Cup Style Face Mask

The first and most popular style of N95 masks is the cup style. This is the 3M style that everyone wants to get their hands on. There are several different versions of the cup style masks here at MF Supply: 3M 8210 and the Guangzhou Harley L288. We also carry the Makrite N95-9500 which is a Surgical Respirator with 510k certification.

Both of these cup style masks offer a close fit with head straps and nose pieces.

Folding Style Face Mask

The Guangzhou Harley L188 folding face mask is another popular style of protective respirator mask that is great for on the go. Since they fold up so neatly, it is easy to store it in your pocket or in a bag if you are going in and out of environments where an N95 is required.

This style also has 2 head straps and a nose piece for a close fit.

Pouch Style Face Masks

The duckbill or Pouch style N95 is a less widely known style of respirator mask, but it offers a large breathing pouch for easier breathing while wearing. IN this video we whocase the Kimberly Clark Kimtech 53358 N95, which is made in the USA.

Do N95 Face Masks Come in Different Sizes?

Some manufacturers do offer different size N95 masks from small to extra large.

N95 Face Mask Certifications

All of the N95s we offer come with OSHA certifications through NIOSH. The difference between the standard N95s in this blog and FDA 510K surgical N95 respirators is that surgical respirators come with an additional 510K certification from the FDA, and those are meant to be used in surgery or a medical environment due to their splash resistant rating. However, all the N95 masks that we discussed today have also been blanket certified for medical use under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization during Covid-19.

N95 Face Masks Fit Testing

All in N95 masks require fit testing by each wear, which happens every year. Learn More!

N95 Mask Comparison Guide

Check out this useful N95 respirator comparison guide for clarification on some of the main differences in N95 styles and uses.

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