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Precision Dowel Pins - Inch, Metric & Mil-Spec

Choose from the Inch, Metric or Mil-Spec Precision Dowel Pins below to see available materials and sizes. Standard materials offered include Stainless Steel series 18-8, 300, 303, 316, 416 & hardened alloy steel.

Need something special?  We offer custom manufacturing to your prints & specifications with small minimum runs and short lead times.  

Why Buy from MF Supply?

MF Supply is a leading supplier of Precision Dowel Pins including major brands and equivalents to Pic, Berg, Unicorp and equivalents to all major catalog parts in imperial, metric and Mil-spec sizes and a variety of materials and finishes.  

Dowel pins are solid, straight cylindrical shaped metal pins with a centerless ground finish.Typically manufactured to precise fractional diameters and lengths, Dowel Pins are commonly used as a hinge, shaft or pivot to locate or hold parts together within a precision assembly or a fixture. They are broadly used across various applications in many industries, including: aerospace, electrical motors, hydraulic equipment, instrumentation, tooling and fixtures, machinery, military and many more.

Working with the best established factories in the USA and globally, we stock a huge inventory including Inch, Metric, Mil-Spec & Domestic Dowel Pins. Dowel pins are available imported and domestically manufactured.  We carry the standard interference/press fit, the less common undersize/slip fit in a variety of sizes and materials, including Mil-Spec MS16555 & Mil-P-21143. Many of our products are DFAR compliant with COC & full certifications available upon request.

Can't find what you're looking for? Email us at [email protected] for a custom quote. "We have the right screw for you" is our motto after all!