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Why Buy from MF Supply?

MF Supply is a trusted supplier of Mil-Spec /  MIL-STD fasteners to OEMs & Manufacturers.

Mil-spec or MIL-STD fasteners are produced to to the standard the U.S. Department of Defense uses in the production of military equipment. Critical fasteners and components used in the production, repair and maintenance of this equipment are classified as “Mil-spec” fasteners. These parts are usually designated by an AN, MS, NAS or NASM prefix followed by a part number. Each of these prefixes is an abbreviation: for example: NAS stands for National Aerospace Standard and MS stands for Military Standard.

We offer a comprehensive selection of Mil-Spec fasteners across many categories, including inserts, socket head cap screws, hex head cap screws, machine screws, nuts and standoffs and spacers, just to name a few.  Our Mil-Spec fasteners are available with DFARs and/or full certifications where applicable.

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