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Mil-Spec Self Tapping Screws - MS21318 Type U Drive | MS51861 & MS51861C Type AB

Looking for MS21318, MS51861 or MS51861C Self Tapping Screws?

We carry MS21318 Round Type U Drive Screws and MS51861 & MS51861C Pan Head Phillips Type AB Self Tapping Screws (AKA Sheet Metal Screws).

Stock sizes include: #00 through #14 in Cadmium Plated Steel (for Round Type U Drive Screws), & 2-32 through 1/4-14 in Steel Cadium Yellow and 440 Stainless Steel (for Type AB Sheet Metal Screws).

Round Head Type U Drive Screws, also known as hammer drive screws, are engineered for a permanent setup without necessitating pre-threaded receptacles or nuts. Their distinct "U" shaped indentation on the round head facilitates a hammer-driven insertion into pre-made holes in materials such as metal or plastic. The tapering of the screw allows the surrounding material to flow around it, creating a secure and tamper-resistant fixing, making them suitable for applications requiring a durable and permanent attachment.

Type AB sheet metal screws are self-tapping screws designed for fastening materials such as thin metal, plastic, or wood without pre-drilled holes. Featuring fine threading and a sharp point, they combine the advantages of Type A and Type B screws for easy penetration and effective thread engagement. Their design ensures quick assembly and resistance to loosening over time.

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