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Internal Retaining Rings Stainless Steel

Looking for Stainless Steel Internal Retaining Rings?

We carry Internal Retaining Rings.

Stock sizes include in 15-7 Mo Stainless Steel.

Applications/Advantages: Internal retaining rings are for axial installation into machined grooves in housings and bores. The tapered section design assures uniform circular deformation, allowing for complete contact and tightness in groove. Steel rings can be safely used within a temperature range of -100°F to 500°F.

Note: The *ID field in the filter (located on the left side of this page) is also called HOUSING DIAMETER, and the OD field can be called CLEARANCE DIAMETER.

To find the right Internal Retaining Ring you need the following dimensions: ID/HOUSING DIAMETER X GROOVE WIDTH X OD/CLEARANCE DIAMETER.

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