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E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts, Installation Tools and Kits

What are E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts?

E-Z LOK threaded inserts are fasteners designed to be inserted into a pre-drilled hole in wood, plastic, or metal surfaces to provide a secure threaded hole for a bolt, screw, or other threaded fastener. These inserts create reliable and durable threads in materials that are too soft or thin to hold threads on their own or on materials with unthreaded, damaged or thread stripped holes that need to be repaired. By distributing the stress over a larger area, E-Z LOK threaded inserts prevent stripping and wear, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting connection. They are ideal for both repair applications and new installations where secure and reusable threads are required.

E-Z LOK is a trusted brand name in threaded inserts, known for quality and reliability. Their products are engineered to meet the highest standards, ensuring excellent performance in demanding applications. Whether you are working in aerospace, automotive, electronics, or general manufacturing, E-Z LOK threaded inserts provide the solution you need for creating strong, durable threads in any material.

E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts, Tools & Kits at MF Supply

We offer the complete range of E-Z LOK threaded inserts, drills, taps, tips, installation tools, and kits to meet your specific needs. Product categories include:

MF Supply is a leading supplier with expertise in threaded inserts, including Keensert® style key-locking inserts and helical wire inserts, also known as HeliCoil®. We stock and source a large inventory, including major brands and equivalents, such as E-Z LOK threaded inserts, in imperial, metric and Mil-Spec sizes, and in many materials.

In addition to threaded inserts, we stock E-Z LOK threaded insert installation tools and repair kits. We’ve detailed the main available E-Z LOK threaded inserts, tools and kits below.

E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts Styles Available

E-Z Coil™ Threaded Inserts: Designed for repairing damaged threads or creating new threads in softer materials like aluminum and magnesium. Made from high-quality Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Zinc, they provide strong, permanent threads.

E-Z Fin™ Threaded Inserts: Ideal for applications in plastics and soft metals, ensuring secure fastening and vibration resistance. Available in Brass and Stainless Steel.

E-Z Hex™ Threaded Inserts: Perfect for applications requiring frequent disassembly and reassembly, these inserts offer a secure fit and easy handling due to their hexagonal shape, which prevents rotation.

E-Z Knife™ Threaded Inserts: Suitable for hard woods and thermoset plastics, providing high pull-out strength and vibration resistance with a knurled exterior for superior grip.

E-Z Press™ Threaded Inserts: Designed for plastics and soft metals, these press-fit inserts offer high pull-out resistance without the need for thread tapping.

E-Z LOK™ Threaded Inserts: Versatile inserts for various materials, offering strong threads in Brass, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Zinc.

E-Z Sonic™ Threaded Inserts: Used in applications requiring ultrasonic or heat installation in thermoplastics, ensuring a secure fit.

E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts Installation Tools

E-Z Coil™ Installation Tool: Ensures proper insertion and secure fit of E-Z Coil™ Threaded Inserts, available in various sizes.

E-Z LOK™ Drills (Brad Point HSS, Reduced Shank, HSS): Used for precise drilling in wood, plastic, and metal, ensuring clean and accurate holes for insert installation.

E-Z LOK™ Threaded Insert Drive Tools: Designed for driving inserts into pre-drilled holes, ensuring proper alignment and secure fit.

E-Z Coil™ Extract Tool & Tang Break Off Tool: Facilitates easy removal and clean installation of E-Z Coil™ Threaded Inserts.

E-Z LOK™ Taps (HSS Standard Bottoming, Standard Bottoming, HSS STI Bottoming): Used for creating accurate and durable threads in various materials, specifically for E-Z Coil™ inserts.

E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts Installation and Thread Repair Kits

E-Z LOK™ Coil Thread Repair Kit: Comprehensive kit for repairing damaged threads in metals, including inserts, drills, taps, and installation tools.

E-Z Hex™, E-Z Knife™ Threaded Insert Installation Kits: Ensure secure installation with all necessary tools and inserts.

E-Z LOK™ Thread Repair Kit: Versatile kit for general-purpose thread repair, offering a range of tools and inserts.

E-Z LOK™ Threaded Insert Assortment Kit: Provides a variety of inserts and tools for multiple applications.

E-Z LOK™ Solid Wall Thread Repair Kit: Ensures strong and durable threads in high-stress applications.

E-Z Sonic™ Threaded Insert Assortment Kit: Comprehensive kit for ultrasonic and heat installation in thermoplastics, providing secure and reliable threads.

E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts Materials Available

E-Z LOK threaded inserts are manufactured in Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Zinc. Below we break down the attributes and uses of each material.

Aluminum: Aluminum E-Z LOK threaded inserts are used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, machinery, and furniture applications to create strong, durable threads in lightweight aluminum components. They provide high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy installation, ensuring reliable and reusable threads that withstand frequent assembly and disassembly.

Brass: Brass E-Z LOK threaded inserts are used in electronics, plumbing, marine, and decorative applications for their excellent corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. They provide durable, easy-to-install threads that ensure reliable performance in various environments.

Carbon Steel: Carbon steel E-Z LOK threaded inserts are commonly used in automotive, machinery, and construction applications for their balance of strength and cost-efficiency. They provide robust, durable threads that withstand high stress and frequent use.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel E-Z LOK threaded inserts are ideal for marine, chemical, and food processing applications due to their superior corrosion resistance. They offer high strength, durability, and easy installation, ensuring secure and long-lasting threads in harsh environments.

Zinc: Zinc E-Z LOK threaded inserts are used in lightweight applications such as electronics and consumer goods. They offer good corrosion resistance, easy installation, and reliable threads, making them suitable for a variety of general-purpose uses.

What are the Features & Benefits of E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts?

E-Z LOK threaded inserts provide strong threads in weaker parent materials. They offer high strength, reliability, versatility and an easy to learn installation process. Here are some of the top features and benefits that these threaded fasteners have to offer.

High Strength: E-Z LOK inserts are designed to provide strong, permanent threads that withstand high torque and stress.

Easy Installation: E-Z LOK threaded inserts can be quickly installed using standard tools, minimizing downtime and labor costs.

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of materials including aluminum, steel, cast iron, and plastics.

Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials such as Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Zinc to ensure long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and corrosion.

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Why Buy E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts from MF Supply?

With over 50 years of experience as a supply chain partner to manufacturers, and deep and broad expertise in fasteners and inserts, MF Supply can help with all your fastening and hardware needs.

MF Supply stocks and sources a large inventory of threaded inserts, including Keensert® style inserts and helical inserts (AKA HeliCoil ®) options, in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes. Our mil-spec and certified insert products are DFAR compliant with the manufacturers’ Certificate of Conformance, and full physical chemical certifications available upon request.

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