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3/16 Hex Standoffs - Stainless
RAF 2051-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8100-SS-0440 H.H. SMITH 7020A Quote Request
100304HF303 RAF 2052-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8101-SS-0440 H.H. SMITH 7020B Quote Request
100404HF303 RAF 2053-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8102-SS-0440 H.H. SMITH 7020C Quote Request
100604HF303 RAF 2055-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8104-SS-0440 H.H. SMITH 7020E Quote Request
100704HF303 RAF 2056-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8105-SS-0440 H.H. SMITH 7020F Quote Request
100804HF303 RAF 2057-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8106-SS-0440 H.H. SMITH 7020G Quote Request
100904HF303 RAF 2058-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8107-SS-0440 H.H. SMITH 7020H Quote Request
101004HF303 RAF 2059-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8108-SS-0440 H.H. SMITH 7020J Quote Request
101104HF303 RAF 2060-440-SS-0 H.H. SMITH 7020K Quote Request
101204HF303 RAF 2061-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8109-SS-0440 H.H. SMITH 7020L Quote Request
101304HF303 RAF 2062-440-SS-0 H.H. SMITH 7020M Quote Request
101404HF303 RAF 2063-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8110-SS-0440 H.H. SMITH 7020N Quote Request
101504HF303 RAF 2064-440-SS-0 H.H. SMITH 7020P Quote Request
101604HF303 RAF 2065-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8111-SS-0440 H.H. SMITH 7020Q Quote Request
101804HF303 RAF 2067-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8113-SS-0440 Quote Request
102004HF303 RAF 2069-440-SS-0 AMATOM 8115-SS-0440 Quote Request

1/4 Hex Standoffs - Stainless
Kanebridge RAF Amatom H. H. Smith KEYSTONE
140204HF303 RAF 2098-440-SS-0 Amatom 8209-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9060 Quote Request
140304HF303 RAF 2099-440-SS-0 Amatom 8210-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9061 Quote Request
140404HF303 RAF 2100-440-SS-0 Amatom 8211-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9062 Keystone1921 Quote Request
140504HF303 RAF 2101-440-SS-0 Amatom 8212-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9063 Quote Request
140604HF303 RAF 2102-440-SS-0 Amatom 8213-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9064 Keystone1921A Quote Request
140704HF303 RAF 2103-440-SS-0 Amatom 8214-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9065 Quote Request
140804HF303 RAF 2104-440-SS-0 Amatom 8215-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9066 Keystone1921B Quote Request
140904HF303 RAF 2105-440-SS-0 Amatom 8216-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9067 Quote Request
141004HF303 RAF 2106-440-SS-0 Amatom 8217-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9068 Quote Request
141104HF303 RAF 2107-440-SS-0 H. H. Smith 9069 Quote Request
141204HF303 RAF 2108-440-SS-0 Amatom 8218-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9070 Keystone1921C Quote Request
141304HF303 RAF 2109-440-SS-0 H. H. Smith 9071 Quote Request
141404HF303 RAF 2110-440-SS-0 Amatom 8219-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9072 Quote Request
141504HF303 RAF 2111-440-SS-0 H. H. Smith 9073 Quote Request
141604HF303 RAF 2112-440-SS-0 Amatom 8220-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9074 Keystone1921D Quote Request
141804HF303 RAF 2114-440-SS-0 Amatom 8222-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9060R Quote Request
142004HF303 RAF 2116-440-SS-0 Amatom 8224-SS-0440 H. H. Smith 9060S Quote Request
140206HF303 RAF 2098-632-SS-0 Amatom 8209-SS-0632 H. H. Smith 9080 Quote Request
140306HF303 RAF 2099-632-SS-0 Amatom 8210-SS-0632 H. H. Smith 9081 Quote Request
140406HF303 RAF 2100-632-SS-0 Amatom 8211-SS-0632 H. H. Smith 9082 Keystone1922 Quote Request
140506HF303 RAF 2101-632-SS-0 Amatom 8212-SS-0632 H. H. Smith 9083 Quote Request
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