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1/4 Hex Standoffs - Brass, Nickel plated
MF SUPPLY RAF Amatom® H. H. Smith Keystone
140404HFBN RAF 2100-440-B-5 Amatom 8211-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 2330 Keystone 1450A Quote Request
140504HFBN RAF 2101-440-B-5 Amatom 8212-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8826 Quote Request
140604HFBN RAF 2102-440-B-5 Amatom 8213-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 2331 Keystone 1450B Quote Request
140804HFBN RAF 2104-440-B-5 Amatom 8215-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 2332 Keystone 1450C Quote Request
141004HFBN RAF 2106-440-B-5 Amatom 8217-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8835 Keystone 1829 Quote Request
141204HFBN RAF 2108-440-B-5 Amatom 8218-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 2333 Keystone 1450D Quote Request
141404HFBN RAF 2110-440-B-5 Amatom 8219-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8844 Keystone 1830 Quote Request
141604HFBN RAF 2112-440-B-5 Amatom 8220-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 2334 Keystone 1450E Quote Request
140406HFBN RAF 2100-632-B-5 Amatom 8211-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 2320 Keystone 1451A Quote Request
140506HFBN RAF 2101-632-B-5 Amatom 8212-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 8827 Quote Request
140606HFBN RAF 2102-632-B-5 Amatom 8213-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 2321 Keystone 1451B Quote Request
140806HFBN RAF 2104-632-B-5 Amatom 8215-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 2322 Keystone 1451C Quote Request
141006HFBN RAF 2106-632-B-5 Amatom 8217-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 8836 Keystone 1451D Quote Request
141206HFBN RAF 2108-632-B-5 Amatom 8218-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 2323 Keystone 1451E Quote Request
141406HFBN RAF 2110-632-B-5 Amatom 8219-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 8845 Keystone 1833 Quote Request
141606HFBN RAF 2112-632-B-5 Amatom 8220-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 2324 Keystone 1635 Quote Request
140408HFBN RAF 2100-832-B-5 Amatom 8211-B-0832-4 H. H. Smith 2325 Keystone 1474A Quote Request
140508HFBN RAF 2101-832-B-5 Amatom 8212-B-0832-4 H. H. Smith 8828 Quote Request
140608HFBN RAF 2102-832-B-5 Amatom 8213-B-0832-4 H. H. Smith 2326 Keystone 1474B Quote Request
140808HFBN RAF 2104-832-B-5 Amatom 8215-B-0832-4 H. H. Smith 2327 Keystone 1474C Quote Request
141008HFBN RAF 2106-832-B-5 Amatom 8217-B-0832-4 H. H. Smith 8837 Keystone 1834 Quote Request
141208HFBN RAF 2108-832-B-5 Amatom 8218-B-0832-4 H. H. Smith 2328 Keystone 1474D Quote Request
141408HFBN RAF 2110-832-B-5 Amatom 8219-B-0832-4 H. H. Smith 8846 Keystone 1836 Quote Request
141608HFBN RAF 2112-832-B-5 Amatom 8220-B-0832-4 H. H. Smith 2329 Keystone 1474E Quote Request

1/4 Hex Male-Female Standoffs - Brass, Nickel plated
MF SUPPLY RAF Amatom® H. H. Smith Keystone
140404HMBN Amatom 9737-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8216 Keystone 8713 Quote Request
140604HMBN Amatom 9738-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8217 Keystone 7200 Quote Request
140804HMBN Amatom 9739-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8218 Keystone 1944 Quote Request
141004HMBN Amatom 9740-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8219 Keystone 1945 Quote Request
141204HMBN Amatom 9741-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8220 Keystone 1946 Quote Request
141404HMBN Amatom 9742-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8221 Keystone 7201 Quote Request
141604HMBN Amatom 9743-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8222 Keystone 1947 Quote Request
141804HMBN Amatom 9744-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8223 Keystone 7202 Quote Request
142004HMBN Amatom 9745-B-0440-4 H. H. Smith 8224 Keystone 1948 Quote Request
140406HMBN Amatom 9737-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 8248 Keystone 8716 Quote Request
140606HMBN Amatom 9738-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 8249 Keystone 7210 Quote Request
140806HMBN Amatom 9739-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 8250 Keystone 1952 Quote Request
141006HMBN Amatom 9740-B-0632-4 H. H. Smith 8251
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